Learn to Program with Python 3

کتاب آموزش گام به گام برنامه نویسی با پایتون 3
  • نویسنده: Irv Kalb
  • ناشر: Apress
  • نوع فایل: PDF
  • حجم فایل: 3.93 مگابایت
  • نسخه چاپی: ناموجود
  • ارسال پستی به سراسر کشور
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3.93 مگابایت


توضیحات محصول

Move from zero knowledge of programming to comfortably writing small to medium-sized programs in Python. Fully updated for Python 3, with code and examples throughout, the book explains Python coding with an accessible, step-by-step approach designed to bring you comfortably into the world of software development.

Real–world analogies make the material understandable, with a wide variety of well-documented examples to illustrate each concept.  Along the way, you’ll develop short programs through a series of coding challenges that reinforce the content of the chapters.

Learn to Program with Python 3 guides you with material developed in the author's university computer science courses. The author's conversational style feels like you're working with a personal tutor. All material is thoughtfully laid out, each lesson building on previous ones.

What You'll Learn  

Understand programming basics with Python, based on material developed in the author's college courses

Learn core concepts: variables, functions, conditionals, loops, lists, strings, and more

Explore example programs including simple games you can program and customize

Build modules to reuse your own code

Who This Book Is For

This book assumes no prior programming experience, and would be appropriate as text for a high school or college introduction to computer science.

مشخصات کتاب

  • ناشر: Apress
  • نویسنده: Irv Kalb
  • سبک : یادگیری عملی
  • شیوه بیان مطالب : آموزش گام به گام
  • نوع محصول: کتاب وزیری
  • شابک : 9781484238783
  • تعداد صفحه : 354
  • سال انتشار : August 22, 2018
  • نوبت انتشار : 2nd Edition

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