Hands-On Software Architecture with C# 8 and .NET Core 3

کتاب آموزش معماری نرم افزار با سی شارپ و ASP.Net Core نسخه 3
  • نویسندگان: Gabriel Baptista
    نویسندگان: Francesco Abbruzzese
  • ناشر: Packt
  • نوع فایل: PDF
  • حجم فایل: 11.87 مگابایت
  • نسخه چاپی: ناموجود
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11.87 مگابایت


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Key Features

Become a software architect capable of creating modular apps for specific business needs

Design high-performance software systems using the latest features of C# 8 and .NET Core 3

Solve scalability problems in web apps using enterprise architectural patterns

Book Description

Software architecture is the practice of implementing structures and systems that streamline the software development process and improve the quality of an app. With this software architecture book, you'll follow a hands-on approach to learning various architectural methods that will help you develop and deliver high-quality products.

You'll begin by understanding how to transform user requirements into architectural needs and exploring the differences between functional and non-functional requirements. Next, you'll explore how to carefully choose a cloud solution for your infrastructure, along with covering dos and don'ts that will help you manage your app in a cloud-based environment. Later chapters will cover techniques and processes such as DevOps, microservices, and continuous integration, along with providing insights into implementing them using Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET Core, the Entity Framework, Cosmos DB, and Azure DevOps. You will also learn about testing frameworks and automation tools that will help you through the development process. Finally, you'll discover design patterns and various software approaches that will allow you to solve common problems faced during development.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to develop and deliver highly scalable enterprise-ready apps that meet customers' business needs.

What you will learn

Overcome real-world architectural challenges and solve design consideration issues

Apply architectural approaches like Layered Architecture, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and microservices

Learn to use tools like containers, Docker, and Kubernetes to manage microservices

Get up to speed with Azure Cosmos DB for delivering multi-continental solutions

Learn how to program and maintain Azure Functions using C#

Understand when to use test-driven development (TDD) as an approach for software development

Write automated functional test cases for your projects

Who this book is for

This book is for engineers and senior developers aspiring to become architects or looking to build enterprise applications with the .NET Stack. Experience with C# and .NET is required to understand this book.

Table of Contents

Understanding The Importance of Software Architecture

Functional and Nonfunctional Requirements

Documenting the Requirements with Azure DevOps

Deciding the best cloud-based solution for your Infrastructure

Applying Microservice Architecture to Your Enterprise Application

Interacting with Data in C#: Entity Framework Core

How to Choose Your Data Storage in the Cloud

Working with Azure Functions

Design Patterns and their Implementation in .NET Core

Understanding Different Domains in A Software Solution

Implementing Code Reusability in C# 8

Applying Service-Oriented Architecture with .NET Core

Presenting Asp.Net Core MVC

Best Practices in Coding C# 8

Testing your Code - Unit Test cases and TDD

Applying Tools to Write Better Code

Deploying Your Application With Azure DevOps

Understanding DevOps Principles

Challenges of Applying CI Scenarios in DevOps

Automation for Software Testing

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