Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5

کتاب آموزش طراحی و برنامه نویسی وب (ویرایش هشتم)
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A Comprehensive, Well-Rounded Intro to Web Development and Design

Updated and expanded in this Eighth Edition, Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5 presents a comprehensive introduction to the development of effective web sites. Intended for beginning web developers, the text relates both the necessary hard skills (such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript) and soft skills (design, e-commerce, and promotion strategies) considered fundamental to contemporary web development. An emphasis on hands-on practice guides readers, as the text introduces topics ranging from configuration and layout to accessibility techniques and ethical considerations. The Eighth Edition contains updated coverage of HTML5 and CSS, expanded coverage of designing for mobile devices, and more.

مشخصات کتاب

  • ناشر: Pearson
  • نویسنده: Terry Felke-Morris
  • شیوه بیان مطالب : تئوری و عملی
  • نوع محصول: کتاب وزیری
  • شابک : 9780134322759
  • تعداد صفحه : 694
  • سال انتشار : February 12, 2016
  • نوبت انتشار : چاپ هشتم

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